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  1. Title and Drawing
  2. Map of California Mission Trail
  3. Father Serra and the History of the Missions
  4. Daily Life
  5. Floor Plan and Industry
  6. Three Interesting Facts + Bibliography
  7. Neatness, Spelling, and Creativity
  1. Title and Drawing (15 points possible)
    1. Have a colorful drawing of the missions. The "title" of your brochure is the name of your mission.
    2. In your paragraphs, include mission facts:
      1. When was the mission founded? When was it built?
      2. Who was the founder?
      3. What number in the chain was it?
      4. Why were there bells? How many?
      5. Does your mission have any special features?
      6. Has the mission been renovated?
  1. Map of California Mission Trail (15 points possible)
    1. On a map of California, mark and label your mission.
    2. Mark and label towns, cities, or presidios near your mission.
    3. Label the El Camino Real.
    4. In your paragraphs, include information, such as:
      1. Where is the mission located?
      2. How long did it take to build the mission? Why?
      3. Why were the missions built "one day's walk" apart?
      4. Why were missions built near the ocean?
      5. Was it important to have fresh water nearby?
      6. Is your mission located near a presidio? Why were there presidios?
      7. What cities or towns are near the mission?
  1. Father Serra and the History of the Missions (15 points possible)
    1. Have a picture of Father Serra at the top of page 3.
    2. Write a paragraph about Father Serra's childhood.
      1. Who was he? Where was he from?
      2. What was his role in building the missions?
    3. Write a paragraph about Father Serra's traits and beliefs that caused his founding of the missions.
      1. What did he want to teach the Indians?
    4. Write a paragraph about why the spanish wanted these missions built.
      1. What were the economic reasons?
      2. What were the political reasons?
      3. What did the Spanish do to make sure that the missions were being run according to Spanish rule?
    5. Describe in 1 paragraph how the economy of California changed from a hunter/gatherer economy to an agricultural economy because of the Franciscan padres.
  1. Daily Life (15 points possible)
    1. In the first paragraph, explain in detail, a day in the Indians' lives on the mission.
      1. What were some of the Indians' jobs at the mission?
      2. Where did the Indians live?
      3. Did they have any freedom?
      4. Did they have any liesure (fun) time, if so, what did they do?
      5. How were the Indians buried?
    2. Describe the lives of the non-natives:
      1. What did the padres (priests) do all day?
      2. What did the soldiers do at the mission? At the presidio?
      3. Where did the Mexican travelers stay?
    3. Include pictures or artwork with your paragraphs.
  1. Floor Plan and Industry (15 points possible)
    1. Draw a diagram of your mission's floor plan. Label each part.
    2. In paragraphs, include the following:
      1. Describe the outside design. Why do you think it is a quadrangle shape? Write about this.
      2. What materials were used to build the mission?
      3. Tell about the tools that were used at the mission.
    3. In other paragraphs, include information about major crops:
      1. What were the major crops?
      2. What else was grown?
      3. What kinds of trees did they have?
      4. What foods did they eat?
      5. Did they raise animals? Tell about them.
    4. Write about the industries at the missions.
      1. What products did they make and sell?
  1. Three Interesting Facts + Bibliography (15 points possible)
    1. What are three facts that made your mission special?
    2. Include illustrations to go with your facts.
    3. Put the bibliography on the bottom half of this section.
      1. Keep a list of all the books/internet sites that you used to help you write your report. I will give you the format for the bibliography.
  1. Neatness, Spelling, and Creativity (10 points total)

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